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Eager Loading on Rails 5.1

Pardha asked in Rails

Hi all,

Seems that the eager loding doen't work in my application.  Please let me  know whether  I need to enable or configure anything.  Here is th code for association mappings. 
 class Event < ApplicationRecord
                has_many :receipts, dependent: :destroy
                has_many :receipt_happenings, through: :receipts
                has_many :receipt_amounts, through: :receipt_happenings, source: :paper_money

I could see that the query is running while Iteraing the result set coming from

Event.includes(receipts: {receipt_happenings: :paper_money})


What's the issue you're facing? Is that you're noticing N+1 queries when you loop over events? Or something else?


Yes Jeffrey . I am noticing N+1 queries when loop over events.


Is this solved ?

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