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Does it make sense keep using Carrierwave having ActiveStorage?

Juan S. Caro asked in Rails

Hi, I have been thinking about that since a few Days ago. I don't know which is more efficient and how much, and also how easy/hard could be the migration from one to the other. Any experience/insight here?


Based on the pre- version of Rails, I found Carrierwave to be more suitable for apps where I need to generate multiple-size versions of an image on upload that I may want to use outside the app itself (the ActiveStorage has not worked quite as well in a couple of apps of this type I built). Other than that, I find ActiveStorage to be rather nice, and it’s likely to get better in the future.

Have not had to do a migration from Carrierwave to ActiveStorage but, based on the available documentation, it looks doable but would require a lot of work so it may be better if one stuck to Carrierwave if that’s what they already do.

Knowing what kind of app you are building (in the most general terms) would help recommend one or the other.

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