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Displaying search results from an API

OnRice asked in Rails

I am working on a small project where users can search through an API ( via a search bar. However, nothing is displaying on my index page with the results.

Here is my controller:

class GamesController < ApplicationController

def index
if params[:query].present?
sql_query = "name LIKE :query"
@games = Game.where(sql_query, query: "%#{params[:query]}%")
flash[:notice] = "No Games Found"

def search
@games =[:query]).resources('game').limit(5).fetch
render 'index'


def game_params
params.require(:game).permit(:name, :search, :query)

My index renders after a search, but the results aren't there. Here is my index page:

<% @games.each do |game| %>

  • <%= %>

  • <% end %>

    What needs to be changed with my index function to display the data, or is the issue somewhere else?

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