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Digital Ocean Spaces does not respect ACL Public-Read (Active Storage)

Alisson Patrick asked in Rails

Hello guys,

I'm using Rails 6.1 (Edge) and I noticed a possible compatibility issue between Digital Ocean Spaces with the AWS S3 specification.

When we configure the service as "public: true" and upload via direct upload to Active Storage, Digital Ocean Space insists on leaving my upload as private (incorrect behavior).

I did a simple test and point to an AWS S3 Bucket and, when uploading the same file, it became PUBLIC on S3 (correct behavior).

I opened a support request at Digital Ocean and explained the situation, but they still haven't given me any feedback.

Has anyone else faced this type of problem at Digital Ocean Spaces?

I have just encountered the same problem. I'm not sure there is a way to do this that doesn't involve hacking ActiveStorage to send acl headers

I guess Digital Ocean uses Minio ( and this issue is caused by some S3 API incompatibility. Unfortunately I needed to use AWS S3 as I dont like the monkey patch way.

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