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Deploying our Rails Blog to Production Discussion

Hello Chris, thank you very much for you do to help us... I'm trying to deploy the blog but when building it on render I'm getting an error... Your RubyGems version ( has a bug that prevents required_ruby_version from working for Bundler. Any scripts that use gem install bundler will break as soon as Bundler drops support for your Ruby version. Please upgrade RubyGems to avoid future breakage and silence this warning by running gem update --system 3.2.3

I've run the recommended commands but nothing changes... working with Ubuntu 22.04.



Hi Chris, thank you for this video.

Everything working great except my images in production 404 after each new deploy. The active storage links are all still there without the images. I'm sure it's something obvious. Any ideas?


Thanks Chris, I have always heard of Postgres and this simple explanation of what it is, wow.

Strangely I had to use the external url from the created db on render before my deploy was successful


Its likely because your DB and your rails app are each hosted in different regions - I found the same thing with only external url working but when I deleted the DB to re-load and match the rails app region internal url matched just fine.


Thanks for sharing this TeeJay! I was getting the error: ConnectionBad: could not translate host name " to address: Name or service not known and using the external URL solved it. I think as Jonathon has said, its due to having two different regions


Had the exact same issue. Two different regions was the issue.


Why is your vendor directory so empty? Mine is choke full of all the gems (vendor/bundle/ruby/3.2.0/…) – it's a huge repo. Shouldn't we gitignore these dependencies in vendor? Should I stop using bundler (but with what do I replace it)?


When would you recommend someone to use Render vs Hatchbox with something like Digital Ocean?


Hell Chris, Not able to find the Build command option on I think they might have changed it. any alternate way to add this code to - "bundle install; bundle exec rake assets:precompile; bundle exec rake assets:clean; bundle exec rails db:migrate; bundle exec rails db:seed"

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