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Had the exact same issue. Two different regions was the issue.

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Thanks so much Collin! Great series!

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ChatGPT finally manage to help. For anyone else looking for this functionality;


ActiveAdmin.register User do
# Permit only necessary parameters for a straightforward invitation
permit_params :email

form do |f|
f.inputs 'Invite user' do
f.input :email
# This setup assumes only the email is necessary for invitations.
# Adjust or add fields as your User model changes.

controller do
def create
user = User.invite!(permitted_params[:user], current_admin_user)

  if user.errors.empty?
    redirect_to admin_users_path, notice: 'User has been successfully invited.'
    # Provides feedback if there are errors with the invitation process
    redirect_to new_admin_user_path, alert: "Error: #{user.errors.full_messages.to_sentence}"



Only add; include DeviseInvitable::Inviter

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Hey everyone,

I know... I'm still using AA... Anyways, I'm looking for a complete guide on being able to invite my non-admin devise users through the admin panel. Strangely I can't find a single, comprehensive enough, resource on this topic. Can't imagine I'm the only one to use devise_invitable with activeadmin. The list of the different errors I encounter trying to implement this is just too long to post. I'm in desperate need of some guidance. Anyone here who can help out? Can't imagine it would be that hard.

Thanks a lot everyone in advance! I appreciate it!