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Customizing the Jumpstart app template

Dean Richardson asked in General


I'm working on exploring the Jumpstart app template. I've noticed the Navbar (_navbar.html.erb) links at the far left to a logo (logo.svg) and that the logo is displayed using an operand "render_svg". I have two questions:

1) What's involved in creating my own svg logo and what would it need to look like (size, other svg parameters) in order to serve as a nice replacement for the Jumpstart logo that's there now?
2) Can you provide me with some documentation for "render_svg"? I've never encountered that before in a rails .erb file.


--Dean Richardson


Hey Dean!

You don't have to use an SVG, but it's helpful and what we recommend because you can grow and shrink an SVG without it getting blurry.

You'd use Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Sketch, Figma, etc to create an SVG.

render_svg is a wrapper around inline_svg that we made so it embeds your SVG contents into the page and saves making another HTTP request to make your site faster.

If you want to use a png or jpeg, you can just replace that with a regular image_tag that points to your logo.


Thanks... this was quite helpful.

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