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Custom will_paginate Methods Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Episode Request: Expand on this application to use ActionCable for entering scores and realtime updates of the leaderboard!!

Great episode Chris!

Oh that'd be a good one! I will be diving into ActionCable a bunch soon, so I'll include this in the list!

Awesome video! I'd really love to see something like this, but just for simple AJAX pagination.

Like infinite scroll or just AJAX links to replace the current page of results?

Whoa...those both actually sound really cool. I think AJAX links to replace the current page results would be a good place to start, as it seems more basic and there isn't even a quality (or even relatively recent) tutorial on that. InfiniteScroll is also something I'd definitely be interested in, but I'd feel weird using it if I didn't know how to do the work with AJAX first.

Either way, keep up the awesome work!

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