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Creating a Blog with Images ins Posts

Sebastian asked in Rails

Hey folks,
iam very new to Ruby on Rails but iam trying to improove my skills.
I want to write a little blog application on rails where i should have the ability to create posts. I followed a pretty nice guide on youtube so i have set up a blog which works okay for posts in general. i implemented tinymce as texteditor.
i really want to have the ability to upload images in my posts, so when i ll upload a post that i can fill in a few images. AS seemed to be a good solution, but i am only able to attach files after posts not in my posts. i also tried trix and shrine but somehow its not working. maybe cause my postmodel isnt right therefore? i have a t.text :content and t.string :title there.

is there an opportunity to insert images IN posts with AS?

my main goal is and my pretty naiv idea was to create posts with images and have a page called image gallery where every image is automatically added so you can see an overview over all images.
on the home i wanted to have images as kind of "teasers" for my posts. so the image has a description and a title and when you vlick on it you get to the single post view.
is that even realistic? i am really stuck right now which is sad cause its totally frustrating. iam very pleased for every tip! thank you so much!


You can use a WYSIWYG editor with an ability to insert images.

First go Here
Then Here


Thank you for that source! Where do i have to fill this code in exactly? Is it enough to just add the css and the js to the tinymce.js and css? And how do i have to fill in the html?
In addition to that do i need something like shrine or is AS enough for my goals?


What version of Rails are you using?

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