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CMS in Rails

Tony Brown asked in Rails

I want to learn how to build a CMS or at least a blog engine with Rails.

I think that would be awesome to have a full course on something, especially for
beginners like me.


Isn't every defailt getting started tutorial a blog? Even dhh did a howto with 5.1 release. :)

What are you currently missing from existing guides/tutorials/howto's?


I guess you're right. It's all there in the site.


Or have a look at the Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. He builds a complete twitter clone and it's free. You onlay pay for add-on content like videos or if you'd like to download as ebook/kindle.

-- chris


Also google for the Jumpstart tutorials blogger app. It gives you a more feature rich blog tool compared with the more basic rails guide version.


Most start up tutorials are blogs, but not blog engines, and they're very very primitive.

If you want a 'non blog' tutorial - check out Mannings Rails in Action, they build a project / task tracker type thing

I'd be interested if people wanted to build an engine like thing to go after WordPress

re: I'd be interested if people wanted to build an engine like thing to go after WordPress

check out the UI for it is essentially a clone of WordPress's admin panel
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