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Chris, would you build Simple_Discussion differently today using Rails 7 and Hotwire?

DanInBC asked in General

I'm curious to hear how Chris would approach building simple_discussion if he had to start from scratch using Ruby 3.2, Rails 7 and Hotwire. Cheers! -Dan H


Hey Dan!

I would pretty much do the exact same thing. The only change I would probably do is use ActionText for the posts instead of a text column. That way we can take advantage of Rails's built-in rich text fields.

If you don't need / want that, then I would do the same as it was basically.


Just curious - would you consider simple_discussion to be RESTFUL in the classic Rails sense? I wasn't able to use the gem as I use Tailwind for my app, and it would be too much work to change all of the Bootstrap styling (or use it in conjunction with TW) but I did have a look at the engine, and I think you have done an excellent job.

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