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Chris, I was wondering what your thoughts were on ROR and how you think the future for it will be.

Brandon Buteaux asked in Rails

I deal with 5-7 languages every week (out of necessity not desire) and was wondering how you felt about the future long-term success of ROR would play out.

My take is that the apps that I build for company will be fine for years to come and adopting a new 'cutting edge' ecosystem is really moot for a company the size of mine as well as the fact that if 1,000 business users are using our app at a given time then we are doing better than a social network with 500,000 concurrent users (monetarily speaking).

Our clients use our apps for business ease, not for social interaction, so when people are using them, money is being saved on their side and money is being made on our side.

Do you think developing apps that we plan on being around for a decade or more is safe in ROR? My thoughts are that ROR is going nowhere anytime soon. I was wondering what you thought since you are much more knowledgable on ROR.

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