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Checking webpacker is cause of for time sink

whaleGlider asked in Rails

Working on a ruby on rails application.

Let's say I make a small change to any class file and make a request to some page on my application. Then my response times are increased by anywhere from 20 seconds to 2-3 minutes or more. The next request I make takes less than a second.

This issue happens only on local machine(not in production) when caching is turned off i.e this happens whenever config.cache_classes = false in development.rb is set to false.

I found out that one highly possible culprit for this time sink or delay is webpacker. How can I check if webpacker is the culprit for this time sink using the terminal log. If not possible with the terminal log, what are steps I can take to confirm that webpacker is responsible for the time sink.

How to use Webpacker in alternate Rails contexts, such as engines or Docker ... open-source JavaScript projects, both for Node.js and browser runtimes.

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