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Check a user is author of post before edit or delete

Rails • Asked by Philip Benton

Hi all,

What is the best way to check a user (current_user) owns a post before edit or delete?

I have a Post model with a has_one relationship to the User model, user_id is set. The logged in user is stored within current_user.

Is it as simple as writing a method such as:

def is_author?
    redirect_to root_path unless @post.user == current_user

and using a before_action:

before_action :is_author?, only: [:edit, :update, :destroy]

Hey Philip,

Yes, that's fine to do.

I personally prefer to just check by @post.user_id as opposed to @post.user as it will most likely have to hit the DB to fetch the user object, whereas @post.user_id == won't need to.

Thanks Jacob, that makes more sense.

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