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Can RUBY build graphical editors like this?

Ruby • Asked by Michal Cohen
Hello, can you tell us whether with RUBY we can develop graphical tools like for the ESB given in the link above??
That is, can we build screens like this with RUBY?:
Is it possible and if possible is it available inside RUBY FRAMEWORK or we have to use Javascript, CSS etc?
We are an Oracle shop and wants to create own Messaging application.

I think you would want to use Rails to provide the data via an API and then use something like Vue or React on the frontend for the UI.

Chris has an in-depth series on a similar setup using vue:
Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone

Some links on using Rails as an API:
Build an API in your Rails app now! (Rails 5 version)
Building the Perfect Rails 5 API Only App

Otherwise, if you need a highly interactive real-time app I would look at Meteor:  

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