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Can Jumpstart initialize with RSpec instead of minitest?

Martin Streicher asked in General

I prefer RSpec and its related tools and community enhancements. Can I boot a new app with Jumpstart Pro using RSpec rather than mintiest?

I see a good number of tests are seeded with the code for my app in ./test.

  1. What do those test?
  2. How many of those tests are going to be affected by changes I make to my app?

You can add rspec. The template will come with minitest and you can choose to ignore or delete them. Makes no difference. 👍

They test Jumpstart's functionality. You're free to recreate them in rspec too.

If you want everything that's built with your favorite tools, Jumpstart Pro is not the template for you. Jumpstart Pro is built using everything that comes with Rails and as few dependencies as possible to keep it clean and organized.

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