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Can anyone suggest me best Ruby on Rails 5 book?

Catherine Puspita asked in Rails
I have watched few video tutorials of gorails and codeschools. I think it will be better if I read a book. Can anyone suggest me a ruby on rails 5 book which will helpful for beginner? 
Rails Tutorial by Hartl is one that springs to mind. I also recommend Agile Development with Rails by Sam Ruby and Dave Thomas and DHH. After you build a few things, you will quickly get the hang of it

You can read Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (4th Edition). On the book Michael Hartl had developed a twitter app. He has also released videos with this book. Hope these will helpful for you.

If you want to check other books, here you will get best ruby on rails 5 books.
I third The Ruby on Rails Tutorial, fantastic book! You can even follow it online at -
But the book is also well worth buying for reference.

I also found Rails: Novice to Ninja quite good -

Also, check packt publishing and their free ebooks - - they covers many different languages.

No problem, Chris has release a great series on the site for beginning rails. It’s even on YouTube.

I would assume they are asking about books relating to ruby/rails programming, not a thriller.

Seems to be more of these link spam posts lately...

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial is truly an incredible book. I love books and literature in general. My favorite book is The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I love these books and on the site I recently read some very useful articles about the author and these books.

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