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Can a Rails app be converted into a Progressive Web App?

Rails • Asked by jun

I was looking for a way to create a mobile client for my Rails App / API.

I came upon PWAs but I couldn't find any info on how to use it for Rails.

Is it possible?

I know can turn your rails app directly into a native mobile app on android and ios. I don't know if it works for APIs. Also, I haven't yet done it myself, but there's a cool feature on the homepage. Just type in your rails app url and it automatically shows you what it would look like as a mobile app. Costs about $600 I think to do the conversion.

I'm going through this tutorial to add service workers to Rails. But it's incomplete. I hope Chris can make a better tutorial:

It uses Webpush and service-worker-rails

+1 for an episode on service worker with rails ;-)

progressive app development is not easy to learn and to teach too. the page you can find tone of useful info

+1 For an episode on Service Workers, I was using serviceworker-rails but Rails 6 implementing webpack by default broke it, and I have no idea now.

This is a great talk from RailsConf last year on the subject. And here's the PWA demo app he uses as an example.

I've built a couple of modest PWAs with Rails using these concepts.

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