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Best way to build a Contact Us page

Rails • Asked by Simon P

Simon P (1,850 XP) on


First post so Hello World! Really enjoying this site.

I was just wondering what people consider to be the best way to build a Contact Us page.

I don't need to store the entered data, just email it to a couple of people.

I would want validation on the input.

I found this tutorial - is this broadly the correct approach?



Jack (6,380 XP) on

Table-less seems like the way to go for contact forms.

The only part missing from a quick look is the set up of an Email service. I can recommend , really easy to integrate in your Rails app:

Simon P (1,850 XP) on

Thanks, will give it a try.

Erik Minkel (1,730 XP) on

As a bonus, I highly suggest you implement a captcha. There is a gem for googles recaptcha which is easy to install. Spammers will send you junk. They still get through recaptcha but less often.

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