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Need a Best CMS for Rails App Landing page

Ali Ahmed asked in Rails

Hello Guys,

I am trying to have a CMS in my rails app that should be very easy to implement and very flexible so that site users can do messing with the content/styling of different pages. I did some research and found Locomotive quite useful but I haven't used it neither digged very deeply into it yet also I am not aware of the complexities it has. Any one with the experience, please advise.

Besides, I would love to know that how CMS has been created, is it like customly built to manage pages or any open source platform used like locomotive etc. Basically, my purpose here is to have a CMS on my site just like (maybe) which should allow different users of my site (such as Admin Users) to manage the content and styling of my app's landing page.

Your frequent response will be very appreciable.



You could use something like clearance to control access to the editor and then something like Twix to perform the actual editing


You could look into FaeCMS or Spina. They seem to be well made modern CMS for simple projects.

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