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Attach image to summernote and send email

Lee Terng Gio asked in Rails

I recently implement email in my rails app. I'm using summernote to create email templates and save it. Everything works fine. I can upload image to the editor and save it to database. But when I send the email template, the image in the email that I'd received is broken. I didn't use any uploader to handle the image uploaded, the image was encoded in Base64, so how do I fix this?

My mailer.rb
def message_send(candidate_mail)

@candidate_mail = candidate_mail


  to: "#{}",

  from: "#{@candidate_mail.from}",

  subject: "#{@candidate_mail.subject}",

  body: "#{@candidate_mail.body}",

  content_type:  "text/html",

  important: true,

  inline_css: true,



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