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Are there any episodes or series on CMS related gems ?

Pardha asked in General


  I have to build CMS for one of my clients. I would like to know your suggestions also please let me know if we have any related videos here.



Have you tried a Google search for Rails CMSes? What kind of CMS are you having to build? Would something like Administrate work or do you need a more designerly type of tool?


Yes Jeffrey . I am looking for designerly type of tool.


I'd recommend not building your own. Try FaeCMS or Spina - good options for fairly simple CMS requirements.


Consider requirements carefully. Many clients would rather spend less up-front and email me a format readily convertible to markdown or HTML for me to maintain their site in a static site builder deployed to CDN. Fast and cheap.

Your requirements will dictate if you need to build a tool for maintaining specific structured content, static generation of structured content (perhaps with your own rails app), implement a general purpos CMS, etc.

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