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Posted in Are there any episodes or series on CMS related gems ?

Consider requirements carefully. Many clients would rather spend less up-front and email me a format readily convertible to markdown or HTML for me to maintain their site in a static site builder deployed to CDN. Fast and cheap.

Your requirements will dictate if you need to build a tool for maintaining specific structured content, static generation of structured content (perhaps with your own rails app), implement a general purpos CMS, etc.

Posted in Best way to start a rails project?

Consider starting with rails 6 beta if you don't plan to release before summer. Beta has been rock solid for me and Basecamp has been using it in production.

gem uninstall rails

Posted in Pattern for Managing Third Party Integrations

I'm building a small internal app that is essentially glue between several open APIs. Namely, QuickBooks, G Suite, Stripe, and Twilio. Authorizing these third party integrations, maintaining tokens, refreshing tokens and providing an oauth2 client for these services has been a little disorganized. I've been able to find very little in terms of patterns or architectual guidance for organizing these integrations. Can anyone suggest an OSS project that's done this well or an article?

Posted in Passenger vs Puma

Thank you for such a thoughtful answer. Makes perfect since to me.

Posted in Passenger vs Puma

I notice that there seems to be a preference for Passenger over Puma in your screencasts and Can you elaborate? I was curious about HTTP/2, multithreading, performance, etc.

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