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Announcing the GoRails Forum

Chris Oliver asked in General

Hey everyone!

Today I am releasing the GoRails forum. This is the place you can turn when you need advice for how to design a feature or refactor your code. I'll be answering questions here and discussing Rails topics as well as hopefully turning some of these questions into screencasts.

This forum is custom built so if you run into any issues let me know. I'm going to be using this as an example for some screencasts so you can see how I built it as well.


Loo how far its come. Keep up the good work Chris!


Pretty crazy, it's been 2 years already!


It has grown so much since i joined, you should be proud mate


Yeah, it's pretty incredible to see how far it's come. All thanks to you guys in the community though. Couldn't do it without you. 💕

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