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Advanced management (DEVISE) profiles.

Antonio F. asked in Gems / Libraries

Hello Chris,

I have the following problem, i can not separate the management of the profile to "devise" below will list how I would manage profiles:

Edit User Profile
(ex. http://localhost:3000/users/edit-profile)

  • Values "First Name", "Last Name", "Address", "City"

Edit User Account
(ex. http://localhost:3000/users/edit-account)

  • Values "Email", "Old Password", "New Password", and "New Password Confirmation"

Deleting user accounts
(ex. http://localhost:3000/users/account-close)

  • Values Delete button

You can get support / course about?

P.S. sorry for my English.



I am not too sure about the editing of your user profiles, I am still pretty new to Rails myself. - If i find any other info i will let you know.

The Devise docs should help you with editing a user's password:

This may help you create a delete link you asked for...

<%= link_to "Cancel my account", registration_path(current_user), data: { confirm: "Are you sure?" }, method: :delete %>
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