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Adding a Highlight Button to Trix Discussion

Awesome! Would actually love to see more videos on extending Trix. I've been using Froala Editor for my production applications, because Trix felt like it was lacking a lot of core functionality. My use case was having an editor capable of writing emails with styles users were familiar with, such as Gmail and Outlook, and Trix simply didn't have what I needed and the docs to customize it seem a bit sparse. Features like image resizing, font/background colors, etc... I'd love to use the quasi-official Rails HTML editor, but it needs some work before it can compete with other rich editors IMO.


Strongly agree here. This short video is very helpful, and more would be appreciated.




Thanks for the feedback! If you want to take it even further, you can take a look at the Trix extensions for more ideas.


Thanks for the post, very helpful! In the future though, it would be great to get a link to the source code or some text instructions here.


We can get that linked up in the notes soon. Will report back once complete!


Hi Easton, I have uploaded the repository to Github, link is in the episode notes above and the relevant files are listed.


Adding to this, it would be nice if the initial rails app is a first commit and the episode specific changes a separate one.

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