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ActiveJob Deserialization Error that doesn't make sense

Ayanga asked in Rails

I have a Ruby/Rails application deployed on AWS ElasticBeanstalk and I use Sidekiq with Redis to handle all of the background jobs.

My app has events that users can create and there's a job that runs weekly that emails users, notifying them of the upcoming events. Lately I've beeg seeing this error:

ActiveJob::DeserializationError: Error while trying to deserialize arguments: Couldn't find Event with 'id'=45

This doesn't make sense to me because the event with this ID was created at least 3 days before the job ran. When I check the console or database, the event clearly exists and hasn't been updated or deleted. Why can't ActiveJob find it? Has anyone seen something like this before?


I'm running into a similar issue right now. ActiveJob/Sidekiq cannot find the record even though it exists. After a retry it does find it.

Did you solve your issue? Curious to hear your findings.


This was a couple years ago so I don't even remember


Thanks for the follow up either way. I think I got it resolved by simply upgrading the sidekiq gem

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