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All threads / Active Storage Rails 6 API unable to insert to active_storage_attachments table
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Active Storage Rails 6 API unable to insert to active_storage_attachments table

Dondon Abesamis asked in Rails

I am creating API endpoint for active storage with reactjs. My upload controller is as follows:
The code belows execute:

insert blob object in active_storage_blob - ok
Uploaded file to the designated path in storage - ok
does not insert active_storage_attachments (polymorphic relation) I already add has_one_attached :photo

   class Api::V1::Activestorage::DirectUploadsController <  ActiveStorage::DirectUploadsController
   skip_before_action :verify_authenticity_token

    def create
       blob = ActiveStorage::Blob.create_before_direct_upload!(blob_args)
       render json: direct_upload_json(blob)


    def blob_args
     params.require(:blob).permit(:filename, :byte_size, :checksum, :content_type, metadata: {}).to_h.symbolize_keys

       def direct_upload_json(blob)
             blob.as_json(root: false, methods: :signed_id).merge(direct_upload: {
            url: blob.service_url_for_direct_upload,
            headers: blob.service_headers_for_direct_upload

Hope anyone can help me thanks

Using Active Storage in Rails 6, Active Storage has been merged into Rails! You can find the latest version of the source code inside the Rails repository, ...

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