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Penguin asked in Rails


Note:I configured the App with config.action_controller.action_on_unpermitted_parameters = :raise.

Assuming I have a Model Person with attributes :name, :age.

If params = { name: "penguin", age: "99", style: "emperor" }

params.require(:person).permit(:name, :age) will not raise anything because params.require(:person) actually disregard the style: attribute without raising anything and returns { name: "penguin", age: "99" }

Now if I do params.permit(:id, :name, :age, :person => {}), it does raise "found unpermitted parameters: :style".

Is there a way to make .require not filtering the params without raising anything?


I ended up also disabling wrap_parameters: wrap_parameters format: []
So now I can simply do params.permit(:id, :name, :age).

Not sure if there is a better way.

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