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Actioncable production settings when using heroku + custom domain

Masud Hossain asked in Servers

So I built a website and pushed it to heroku production and bought a domain to reroute to show whatever is on
This all works great, except when it comes to actioncable.

This is my cable.js code:

//= require action_cable
//= require_self
//= require_tree ./channels

(function() {
  this.App || (this.App = {});

  var queryString =;
  var params = {};

  var arr = queryString.split("&");
  for(var key in arr){
    var arr2 = arr[key].split("=");
    params[arr2[0]] = arr2[1];

  App.cable = ActionCable.createConsumer("wss://" + params["token"]);

I've tired changing the wss:// to wss://, but that still doesn't fix the issue. The website is requiring it to be wss:// for some reason.

Any idea how to make this work?


Or do I need to just migrate to Digital ocean in case it's a DNS problem?

I'm doing a CNAME for => for my DNS settings.

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