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Action text rails 6

Pratima Singh asked in Rails

Hi Chris,

i cannot upload the images from rich text drag and drop to s3 from dev.

my development .rb
config.active_storage.service = :amazon

my storage.yml

  service: Disk
  root: <%= Rails.root.join("storage") %>

  service: Disk
  root: <%= Rails.root.join("tmp/storage") %>

  service: S3
  access_key_id: <%= Rails.application.credentials.dig(:development, :aws, :access_key_id) %>
  secret_access_key: <%= Rails.application.credentials.dig(:development, :aws, :secret_access_key) %>
  region: <%= Rails.application.credentials.dig(:development, :aws, :region) %>
  bucket: <%= Rails.application.credentials.dig(:development, :aws, :bucket) %>


class Question < ApplicationRecord
  has_rich_text :body

also i have the right credentials for s3.

not sure what am i missing

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