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A Gorails "Path" series to learn the Rails way of doing Javascript?

Prasanna N asked in General

Hey Chris. I'm coming back to Rails after some 2 years.
While I'm able to pick things up, I'm confused by all the new rails way of doing Javascript and Ajax.

Before I left, there was only stimulus js. Now there seems to be many things such oas hotwire, turbo, turbostream etc.

Meanwhile some things seem to have been upgraded and some have already become old news.

I know you have videos on these. But would it be possible to share a sequence of videos on these that show what's relevant now?

Maybe create a series or a path?

Appreciate your work!


To be fair, Ajax is something that has also confused me quite a bit. I quite like this idea!


Yes! We will absolutely be adding a section (or two) on JavaScript in the Learning Path!

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