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2 rails apps , 1 database

AgonIdrizi asked in Rails

Hi fellas,
I have a project to do where 2 apps share one database!
1. The first one (app1) is a basic blogging application that lets a user register and then write posts. Each user can write, read, update, list and destroy its own posts (including texts, images or whatever);
2. app1: the user is able to filter posts by their description;

3. app1: exposes the user authentication via an API;
4. The second app (app2) shares the login w/ the first app, via the a forementioned API (that is, an user A registered to app1 can also log into app2; user data remains in app1’s DB).

5. app2 just shows posts by any registered user to logged in users.

My question is how i can approach steps 3,4,5!

My idea so far is:
I will try to have app-1 authentication with devise and also make api/v1 version to app1, so then app-2 can login to api/v1 with JWT and request resources from api/v1
In app-2 im thinking to have a users-controller, and inside a login method which will accept email,pasword params from a form, then i will make a curl request to api/v1/auth/log and based on that i will login the user in app-2!

But i have doubts, how i will request resources from app-1. Do i need to send token in headers with every request and then based on header token, app-1 will authorize app-2-requests!?

I'm relatively new to rails, sorry for my dumb question. I would do app-2 to be a front-end React/Vue, but they said also app-2 need to be rails-app!

Thank You,

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