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Testing Emails in Development with Mailcatcher Discussion

Any good reason why I might use this instead of letter_opener gem?

Alex Musayev Alex Musayev

I've recently discovered another tool to catch emails: It is implemented in Go, and could be installed via Homebrew on macOS. Can't say if it is better than MailCatcher in any way :)


I wrote some time ago a gem to test/preview emails. The approach is totally different: you should prepare data for emails in a config file but then you can easily navigate, in your browser, through all your emails without the need of sending them.


Very cool. Like the built-in Rails mailer previews but with a UI. http://guides.rubyonrails.o...


Another option I like is, which has a free plan for 1 inbox. I like it because it shows HTML, HTML source, text, and raw output, plus spam analysis and html validation.


Thank you so much!
You just saved my bacon with this gem! I didn't even know it existed..!


Really Nice Video!
But I have a question: Is it 100 % sure that mailcatcher won't send real emails (to real user)?


Yep, you'd have to configure an SMTP server to send real emails.


I'd like to point to my docker image, which is maintained.
It now runs mailcatcher 0.8.2 and is built using Alpine Linux making it one of the smallest available images.
You can find it here

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