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Speed up Rails boot times with Bootsnap Discussion

Fritz Rodriguez Jr. Fritz Rodriguez Jr.

Hey Chris! This is really helping booting my apps faster! Thanks so much!


I implemented this and my memory consumption on Heroku went up by 40Mb. The truth is I wonder if I even need this on a Heroku production environment. Is it advisable to run this in development only?
For boot.rb:
require 'bootsnap/setup' if Rails.env.development?


Yeah, it's encouraged for production, because production will boot faster. The extra RAM usage is going to come from the cache it because that's how it boots faster. It's trading RAM for speed.

Certain memory constrained environments, like Heroku typically is, may not be a great place to do this if you're struggling to keep your app's memory usage down. Otherwise, you should basically use this all the time.

Masud Rana Hossain Masud Rana Hossain

I would go to digitalocean (use hatch if you don't wanna waste time setting up). We moved away from Heroku and it was the best decision we made.

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