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Connecting Ember with the Rails API Discussion

What is the Chrome plugin for visualising JSON that you've used?


Very interesting.


Great.. introducing ember to me..
I was stuck at that point proxy to localhost.3000. Then I got it working.

fill the .ember-cli => "proxy": "http://localhost:3000" /// not working
throw "Error when parsing file in " + path + ". Make sure that you have a valid JSON."

Can you pls. comment? Thanks

Shawn Nigel Rebello Shawn Nigel Rebello

The line before "proxy" You probably forgot to put a comma ,

JasonMarkBeaton JasonMarkBeaton

Awesome series! I've been wanting to get started with Ember and this video series is such a great help!
On a side note: I had trouble with 0.8.1 active model serializers gem. It did not include the jsonapi adapters, rendering json objects without a root. I upgraded the active model serializers gem to 0.10.2 and it pulled in a *now* working jsonapi adapter.


Great to know, thanks for sharing that. I'm sure it will be useful to other people. šŸ‘


Does anybody know a nice tut how to deploy both (rails+ember) apps and make it work online. So I get to know the basics?



Which is the ember version that you're using?
I'm running the ember server but the console is displaying what i'll show you in the image

Thanks for your help.


If you have a problem with the root key, you can overide the root key to "monsters"

#in rails-api/app/controllers
def index
@monsters = Monster.all
render json: @monsters, root: "monsters", adapter: :json

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