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Geocoding, Geolocation and Search with Geocoder + Google Maps APIs Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

200 is a big number. Congrats!

Thanks Alex! I appreciate it so much. :D

Congrats Chris! You've created and awesome community and your videos have always been top notch!

Great video! I'm really interested in seeing more Geolocation/Geocoder videos!

Thanks so much Nick, you've always been a big supporter! 🎈🎈🎈

Congrats on 200! Your screencasts are great! One suggestion - figure out how to improve the visual clarity of your video files. Everything is always fuzzy/soft, regardless of what platform I view on. I typically can't read your code windows. Jeffrey Way (Laracasts) does a great job with this aspect of things. It may be a video platform issue, or it might be a screencast software encoding issue. BTW - I have tons of available bandwidth, so it's not a streaming issue/ISP issue....

I noticed that a bit earlier today. Got a new computer to record on though so I've lost my old Screenflow settings. Possibly something with their export options that wasn't rendering at the highest quality.

Congrats for #200 Chris, you are putting out quality stuff here. Cheers!

Congrats Chris. Your videos are the best. I learn a lot becuase is quality material.

Btw, I asked a question about addresses. If someone can take a look and help me will be awesome:

Hi Chris, thank you very much for your videos.

I want to ask you for a serie or episode teahing us to consume the PayPal API with rails, i need to learn that with sooo urgency, if you can help me i'll be very gratefull with you.


Hey Alexander, I don't know the PayPal API very well, but they own Braintree and I have done an episode on that:

Braintree lets you do both PayPal and credit cards so you can pick whichever you need. I'd recommend using it over the PayPal API directly for most all cases.

@excid3:disqus hey dude! How can I extract the transcription of a video?

Hi Chris! Congratz for the 200!!
I want to what is the episode that you start this repository?

Before the screencast, I setup a Rails app with my template and added a Transaction model ahead of time so I could focus on the geocoding parts I believe.

You can check out the commits in the repo to see how I set that up:

And sometime soon, I will probably be releasing that Rails template that I've been using to start new apps!

For some reason the geocode method is returning 'nil' on my record. I have checked my code against the source code and can't seem to figure this out.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

I've figured out the issue with the returning of nil. I hadn't added the Google Map API.

Great job as alawys Chris, I'm creating an app with a Users model and Vehicles model, should I add the address to the Users model or the Vehicles model?

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