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It is possible with import maps but it is probably a better idea to use esbuild for React as your front end. Import maps is the default for Rails 7, but once the javascript gets complicated or has more then 5 or so dependencies it is better to use esbuild.

Hi Tony, we do not have a marked as solved feature yet. We leave these open.

Discord is a web site or app where you can chat with other people in the community. You can add GoRails to join the GoRails community. Here is the link to the GoRails discord channel.

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Are Environment variables eco and green friendly?

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Thanks for this video!

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You can post a job offer on the job board:

Great video as always! How does this method compare with using responsive design with a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Tailwind? Is this a better method if you want a very specific or completely different look for different devices?

If you see this error when pushing to Heroku...

git push heroku master
error: src refspec master does not match any
error: failed to push some refs to ' etc etc

It may be because your main git branch is not called master. It may be the newer "main"

Try "git push heroku main"

Push "Q" to exit after the git diff results.

Is it an HTML form rule that there can only be one button per form? You can make the links look like buttons with CSS, but I think an HTML form can only have one button.

Best to stick with the one that is working now. I made the switch and it took awhile to clean out the system. Caused a few headaches.

Would it make more sense to add the Bootstrap javascript bundle just before the closing body tag so the page loads faster and does not block the rendering of the page? Also, once a person visits the site, are the files cached so they do not need to re-download all the time? (Assuming the Bootstrap files have not changed)

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