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Looking for Sr. RoR developer/consultant for SaaS web application

Jefferson asked in General

Greetings! I currently work for an agency that has developed an in-house project management solution in RoR. We are looking for a person and/or team that can support and guide/shape the application in this next season of feature development. This person and/or team will need to have 5-10+ years of back-end and front-end expertise as we look to update and modernize the functionality and UI/UX. If it is a good fit, this could be a long-term consultative/development opportunity. Is this forum/community the right place to look? Any guidance, direction, or feedback is appreciated.


You can post a job offer on the job board:


Thank you for the guidance Kentastic.


Hi, this community is more suited for discussing and sharing knowledge rather than directly recruiting for long-term consultative or development opportunities. For such needs, platforms like LinkedIn, tech job boards, freelance platforms, and local tech meetups are better options to find experienced individuals or teams.

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