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Is koala still alive? As i see - latest commit was in 2017

Posted in ActionText and Globalize error

Not yet :( I paused this task and started working on another issue. Will back with (i hope) a solution soon

Posted in ActionText and Globalize error

I have application which is using globalize gem and i planning to start using ActionText. So, for example i have model called Business

class Business < ApplicationRecord
  translates :name, :description

  has_rich_text :description

and i created an record in database. But on attempt to edit i see following error

undefined method `body' for "<div><strong>jfgjwhgewr</strong></div>":String

for my form

    - I18n.available_locales.each do |locale|
      = f.input :"name_#{locale.to_s}", label: "Name (#{locale.to_s})"
    - I18n.available_locales.each do |locale|
      = f.label "Description (#{locale.to_s})"
      = f.rich_text_area :"description_#{locale.to_s}"

Whats wrong with it and how can i solve this issue?

PS: I found but this solution looks little bit strange :(

Posted in Rails Application Templates Discussion

Is it possible to pre-configure rails template to use postgres as a default db, disable sprockets etc?

Of course i can create .railsrc file with following content


But can i hardcode those options in template?

Posted in Blazer and webpacker

Hi, lads!
It looks like blazer requires default asset pipeline and doesn't work with webpacker. Did you saw any hack/fork how to make them work together?

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