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I agree. I thinks some more videos on debugging would be awesome!

I have a mortgage caluculator written in jquery in my rails app. I would like for the user to enter their information and be able to save the calculations to their profile. Store in a column "mortagage calcuation" in user table for example.

I know I need to make an ajax call on the javascript data to push to my rails app. But not sure how to accomplish.

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Hey TL,

You may want to check this page https://www.igvita.com/2007/01/15/svd-recommendation-system-in-ruby/
it may be dated(published 2007). He's an engineer at google. He gives a example recommonding tv episodes.

Hi Ken,
I just took a look at your medium clone. Wow, looks really good! Thanks for sharing your journey and code on github. I've been messing around with React and really enjoy it.

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Hi Melanie,
I used this article and it helped me out awhile back.


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Awesome video, Chris! I built my first api this past weekend and struggled because there were so many different sources out there. Codeschool helped me out the most. But this video would have saved me a few hours!

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Hey Chris,

Your videos are awesome. I think it would nice to have some of the basic commands for using MacVim while coding.

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Posted in User Authentication with Devise | GoRails - GoRails

There will be no need to change rolls. So I'll probably stick my current method. I'll check out rolify. Thanks, Chris!

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Awesome vid! Hey Chris, I'm setting up my authentication from scratch. If I wanted different users ie admin, client, employee is it okay to create separate models, controllers, and views for each of their authentication processes?

I know there is a huge range on how much rails app would cost, Just ballparking, how much would it cost to develop a web app with subscription services for access to video content and email with downloadable pdfs