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Posted in Migrating From jQuery to Vanilla Javascript Discussion

Can we set the class of the figure element for an attachment in the editor? If not it has attachment-content and is always inline. which looks a bit poor for things like media embeds

Posted in Migrating From jQuery to Vanilla Javascript Discussion

Is it possible to add attributes to an attachment that we can get at when rendering the attachment? things like text (for links) and classnames etc. These would stay same if model data changes.

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Is it possible to include coffeescript files into our application.js using this new js bundling system?

I'm trying to import like this:
import "./trixmodz"

My file is here:

but get an error

[watch] build finished
20:01:04 js.1 | [watch] build started (change: "app/javascript/admin.js")
20:01:04 js.1 | ✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "./trixmodz"
20:01:04 js.1 |
20:01:04 js.1 | app/javascript/admin.js:13:7:
20:01:04 js.1 | 13 │ import "./trixmodz"
20:01:04 js.1 | ╵ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I'm not really huge into js, just want to sprinkle a few bits of ujs/stimulus/jquery type stuff in there and I usually find thats enough to get a lot done. Its been bewildering recently with webpacker to get simple stuff working at times. thanks for this video explaining more of whats going on.

ha, thats me answering that question.

It's not just the actual buttons, which is ok for simple things - its allowing video/twitter/insta embeds and adding more complex dialogs for links and image insertion.

For dialogs and images, i'd like to be able to send a rails view/partial to provide an image chooser. For the link dialog, customising it to allow choosing from a list of internal links or an input for external. choose open in _blank etc.

there doesnt seem to be much docs for that stuff because the BC crew are focused on using trix for formatting comments & documents in basecamp type of use cases.

+1 for this.

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It would be great to have a similar video covering how to add a toolbar button with a dialog so we can add things like a better link selector that chooses pages on our site. Or an image selection dialog.

need to run
yarn add @rails/ujs

then add
import Rails from "@rails/ujs"
to my drag controller

Any hints how to solve this with the new Rails 7 system?

How can I add more stylesheets for different namespaces, eg an admin.css to the yarn watchlist?

thanks to you, i got this working in 5 mins. cheers!

I'm trying to figure out, is the new "rails way" - the standard. or a side feature.

the commands in the vid are:
rails new bootstrap_demo -j esbuild --css bootstrap

is this the new standard way of doing things? is it in the guides somwhere?

Could you explain this a bit more @chirs ?

"and I recommend using cookie auth for in-browser API authentication"

Isn't the video explaining how to use JWT Tokens for auth in-browser?

If accessing an API from an embedded app (eg a react widget) you can't use cookies any more because browsers are blocking 3rd party cookies by default now. What do you recommend in those circumstances?

Is there a pull request into rails for this we can see?

Posted in Embedable js app that talks to Rails

Hello, I wonder if anybody has some thoughts on how to do this.

I need to rewrite an iFrame app that runs embeded in various websites so that it runs as a js app in a div rather than an iFrame. This is because of the many problems with cookies and ITP.

The JS app will talk to our rails app to get data from an api and/or html.

What frameworks / methodoigies do people recommend?

Posted in Is there any Spree series anywhere?

This would be great. Same for Solidus or a recommendation on which to use.

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