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Here is how I achieved the same effect using bootstrap 3. There is a div for each icon essentially. For font-awesome, you would just need to use the i class in the div. Hope that helps. 

<div class="input-group">
<div class="input-group-addon">€</div>
<%= f.text_field :field, class: 'form-control' %>
<div class="input-group-addon">.00</div>

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Hi Kelvin,

Let me try and put my own perspective

1 - Solid understanding of programming and computer science fundamentals. What do they want me to know?
Cracking the coding interview book
2 - Data Structure (list, stack, array, tree). 
Cracking the coding interview book
3 - With the data structure, how to search and sort with them. Best ways of searching and sort.
Cracking the coding interview book
4 - Understand the Big Oh problem and how to identify and solve it.
Cracking the coding interview book

Another topic that companies are asking for Senior Position (one day in the future)

5 - API design technique. What would it be?
Depends what the API does but I have built a few in the past and I wish I approached things differently. Here's a book I've been meaning to read http://apionrails.icalialabs.com/

6 - Strong familiarity with principles of database design and architecture. 

Refactoring Ruby, Code Complete etc...

7 -  Familiarity with OWASP and/or other web security practices.

Not sure but Handbrake is a useful gem for spotting security problems. That's I learned about security. 

8 - Knowledge of optimization tactics such as query optimization and caching

Rails Performance is a great course that covers Rails Performance in-depth https://www.railsspeed.com/ and Chris has a few videos on here as well. 

Hope that helps,

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Your welcome but I think it was you who did all the work. Glad it's working. 

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Cool presentation Chris. I was actually wondering how you managed env variables on hatch. I assume, they are saved in the HatchBox app and a script gets runs to update the .rbenv-vars-file or am I way off the mark? 

Posted in 'bcrypt' gem install Error

It looks like you are missing some development packages or dependencies.

sudo apt-get install ruby-dev

Are you on a mac? You may also need the command line tools. 

brew doctor can help in these situations.

For competitive reasons, if an orders id is present in the form via inspect element, the competitor is able to guess how many transactions have been done.

That is the main reason.

Perfect. I will stick with friendly id. Another question just to follow on from that. What about hiding the id in forms.

In this case the the id attribute has the id of the order. I am looking at gem called obfuscate id but it seems deprecated. This is a Rails 5 app.

What would be the best practice in this case?

What is the best way to generate SEO friendly urls?

The Rails default is to put the id in the URL e.g articles/2

I want to be able to have a url like this


Previously I have used the to_param method to generate a custom url as well as a gem called Friendly_id

I am just wondering if anyone has any other suggesstions on best practices

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