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What is the difference between Python and Ruby

bragars asked in General

They're different programming languages. Both are high level, built on the programming language C.

Python has way more users than Ruby.
A lot of Python's usage are in the academia community.
Usage geared towards machine learning and data science.
Python can also be used for web development and has a popular framework - Django

Ruby is popularized by the Ruby on Rails web development framework.
Far more mature web development ecosystem compared to Python.
Most Ruby developers are working on Ruby on Rails.

The key difference in usage is that Python is largely used for academic and scientific purposes, whereas Ruby is mostly used for functional programming and web development. I'm using Python in most cases. If I had a choice, I would use it on a daily basis for my projects (I'm a post-graduate student at Cape Breton University).

Top Differences Tutorial » Python vs Ruby » my homework:

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