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Welp. They just let me go.!!

Charlesmartin asked in General

I started with a company 7 weeks ago and they just let me go. They had no training material whatsoever. They interviewed me as an engineer. The moment I started, they started treating me like a manager, so I was like "What gives?" and they told me I was going to be the Web Team Lead. Whatever. So I started learning their company and history and team dynamics and how they operate and how I'm going to lead the team. Then two weeks ago, a demo didn't go so well and I was given a silent ultimatum, but I didn't realize it until I was just fired effective immediately.

Am I going out of my mind, or did I dodge a bullet? This is a company who's on Ruby 1.9.3 / Rails 3.2.12 (I think) and expected me to hit the ground sprinting. In the entire time I was there, I never even could get the test suite to run. I was only ever barely able to get the server to run due the the ancient versions.

I'm just looking for a gut-check. Not a pity party.

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