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The Rails db:system:change command Discussion

Great to change the database when we create default sqlite.
that maintains the previous gem version ... generates confusion when looking for errors.


Thanks Chris!


This is such a nice little feature where I just want to get running with SQLite and change DBs when applicable


I get this:
Running via Spring preloader in process 48851
invalid option: --to=postgresql

What could be the issue? I am using Rails


me, too. I've got same problem.
I think this command(db:system:change) keep finding rake command, not rails.
I am using Rails, Rake 13.0.6, Ruby 3.0.3


I am stuck with this (under part 38 of the beginner series too), same issue


I have same issue, did you find a solution?


The workaround is to disable 'spring' as follows.

1: comment out gem 'spring' in the Gemfile
2: execute "bundle install"

Details are on GitHub issue (rails/spring #678).
I will fix the issue.

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