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Space Upgrades - A browser game made in Rails

Alex Marshall asked in Showcase

Hey there,

I recently released a browser game that I made in Rails! It's a javascript canvas game that loads a bunch of content from the database. Making it in Rails allowed me to make a content management system in which I could quickly make balance changes and modify the image assets.

I wanted to mention it here because it's hosted with GoRails'! I definitely recommend hatchbox, it was very easy to get my site online.

Check it out here:


Wow thats awesome!

wow !

Thats really awesome! Thanks!

I didn't know that either

Great, thanks!

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nice post


do you have this game on shining crown?

I have created a small browser game called Space Upgrades which is built in Rails and requires no database. Here you visit and get more new steps for playing games. In this article, you will find out more about the game, the development process, and how to run your own version with the help of the command line.

Thats really awesome!

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