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Single Table Inheritance (STI) with ActiveRecord in Rails Discussion

Thanks Chris, It's funny that we just stopped using this design pattern at Gitlab


Thanks for the episoded Chris!

What would you say are the main use cases that can benefit from STI ?


Delegated types next! 🤘🏻


Nice! I used STI for an app with all types of documents, and I used the jsonb_accessor gem. It allows you to query the json fields just as if it were an active record column.

so my documents had just four columns but within the json column the table really looked more like this...

And I could just say InsuranceDocument.account_id even though it was technically InsuranceDocument.customData["account_id"]

I'm interested in delegated types as well.


At 2:34 the migration don't have foreign_key: true for t.belongs_to :event, null: false. What impact that make to not mention that?

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