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School System

General • Asked by Jorge Dominguez


Hi there guys im building a school system and im stuck on the assistance module.

I havent come to a way to make it work, for example:

A school period start at september 2016 and finish july 2017.
So I need every teachers mark assistance for every student that they have in their class.

Whats the easy way to create this?
Also if you are too kind and post a example with code i would apreciate so much.


Working on something similar and I was stuck on this too but i'm only ahead of you by a few steps. Do you have any of your models set up yet? How far along are you?

I used this post to help me naviagte the attendance recording but I'm stuck on the ability to post attendnace for multiple studetns at once.

Check it out and let chat me up on the slack group.


Hi Jorge, were you able to check out that blog post to help you get started?


Hi Ernesto,
I was ablet to check it out, but I wast able for me to acomplish this task.

Do you Speak spanish?


Consigo pero me falta practica con la escritura.

What are you trying to do with your app?

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