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Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 3 Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver
In `draggable` tag, `v-model` should be changed to `:list` because it's immutable. So drag and drop won't be able to update it.

my hero ^

  <draggable :list="lists" :options="{group: 'lists'}" class="row dragArea" @end="listMoved">

Sorting the other way, i.e. `->{ order( position: :desc ) }` causes objects to get the wrong position on page refresh. Is there other configuration that needs to happen to make it set that properly on drag?

If I don't want to drag and drop the columns, will I just remove the draggable directive from the columns? I still want to be able to drag cards from column to column ( and update the database) as well as modify the position of cards within the lists.


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